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The Cap Table: Mission Impossible

Welcome to week 2 of The Cap Table, your source for venture and startup news without noise. This week
The Cap Table: Mission Impossible
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Welcome to week 2 of The Cap Table, your source for venture and startup news without noise.
This week’s biggest winner in VC funding was the Impossible Foods Company, a meatless and dairy-less alternative food startup.
And the winner of the Iron Throne is….

JK, No GOT spoilers in here...
JK, No GOT spoilers in here...
Funding News 5/14/19-5/21/19
Series Seed
  • The Small Exchange raises $10,000,000 led by Citadel, Jump Capital - The Small Exchange conducts more participants to financial markets with simpler and smaller futures products.
  • Toolots  raises $8,500,000 - operates as an online marketplace and distribution channel for factory-direct industrial tools, machinery and technology.
  • Mooliss Vegan Cheese raises $6,000,000 - Mooliss is the future of plant-based pizza. It has created the future of dairy-free mozzarella.
  • Core  raises $4,000,000 led by Spero Ventures - Core is a meditation experience and personalized wellness company
  • Skylark raises $4,000,000 led by 25Madison - The future of luxury travel
  • Part & Parcel raises $4,000,000 led by Lightspeed Venture Partners - Part & Parcel is a community commerce platform for plus-size women, selling apparel and footwear plus to plus.
  • Storr  raises $3,000,000 led by Spark Capital - Storr enables anyone to open a store from their phone. On Storr, people make money selling products instead of retailers like Amazon.
  • kea raises $2,800,000 - Automating voice commerce for businesses 
  • Replex raises $2,450,000 led by - Governance and Cost Management for the Cloud-Native Enterprise
  • Pharmozyme raises $2,000,000 led by RedCrow - Biotech
  • Infinity Stones (InfStones)raises $2,000,000 led by DHVC, Plug and Play - Infinity Stones is a silicon valley-based company, providing cloud management services .
  • Rinri Therapeutics raises $1,400,000 led by Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, UCB Ventures - Rinri Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing a novel cell-based therapy
  • CoProcure raises $1,500,000 led by Leadout Capital - CoProcure makes it easy for public agencies to save time and money by purchasing together.
  • Halla raises $1,400,000 led by E&A Venture Capital - Inspiring a more curious world.
  • AdWallet raises $1,380,000 - AdWallet is a free mobile app that enables users to earn $0.50 per 30-second ad they watched.
  • The Experience Resorts, LLC raises $1,250,000 - The Experience Resorts is an affinity-based tropical resort company targeting socially linked groups across thousands of interests
  • AstroPrint raises $1,100,000 - AstroPrint operates as a cloud platform for desktop 3D printing.
  • Geospiza raises $1,000,000 led by Techstars - Geospiza is a tech start up that changes the way crisis and emergency management decision are made.
Series A
  • ElevateBio raises $150,000,000 led by UBS Oncology Impact Fund - ElevateBio is A New Model To Accelerate Innovation
  • CinCor Pharma raises $50,000,000 led by Sofinnova Investments - CinCor is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company .
  • Brave raises $30,000,000 led by Brendan Eich - Brave Software focuses on increasing browsing speed and safety for users, while growing ad revenue share for content creators.
  • Volans-i raises $20,000,000 led by Lightspeed Venture Partners - Autonomous Aerial Delivery Solutions
  • HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies raises $16,000,000 led by Optum - Machine Intelligence for Care Prediction
  • raises $15,000,000 led by DENSO Ventures - is an end-to-end architecture optimized for real-time edge computing.
  • Feather raises $12,500,000 led by Spark Capital - Feather is a furniture subscription service that offers a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership.
  • Revenue Analytics raises 11000000 led by Noro-Moseley Partners - Revenue Analytics is a Georgia-based software company focusing on Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics
  • Sawyer raises $11,000,000 led by Advance Venture Partners - Sawyer connects children and providers of enriching childhood experiences through a suite of industry-leading technology solutions.
  • Connect Homes raises $10,800,000 led by Brick & Mortar Ventures, Virgo Investment Group - Connect Homes is a modern, smart, prefab home builder based in Los Angeles.
  • SymphonyRM raises $10,000,000 - Healthcare’s Next Best Action Platform, redefining Health CRM & AI for Healthcare Organizations
  • Retail Zipline raises $9,600,000 led by Emergence, Serena Ventures - Retail Zipline is a SaaS internal communication and workflow solution that helps retailers optimize profitability and store performance.
  • Reconstruct raises $7,700,000 led by Cultivation Capital - Reconstruct platform provides continuous, actionable analytics to construction managers enabling them to make better decisions
  • Novi Labs raises $7,000,000 led by Cottonwood Venture Partners (CVP) - Novi is a Machine Learning Driven Well Planning Software Platform for Shale
  • Hydrow raises $7,000,000 - Hydrow is a provider of a connected indoor rowing machine.
  • Nanoguard Technologies raises $6,000,000 led by The Yield Lab - Nanoguard Technologies is developing cold plasma technology for the treatment of grains.
  • SeekOut raises $6,000,000 led by Madrona Venture Group - SeekOut gives companies a competitive edge in recruiting hard-to-find and diverse talent.
  • UZURV raises $5,000,000 led by Diane Briere de l'isle-Engelhardt, Henry Engelhardt - UZURV is a technology company that has developed a Mobility Platform to provide transportation to the elderly , disabled and for NEMT needs.
  • Hatch Collection raises $5,000,000 led by Silas Capital - A collection of chic, timeless and comfortable wardrobe essentials to wear before, during and after pregnancy
Series B
  • FLEXE raises $43,000,000 led by Activate Capital Partners, Tiger Global Management - FLEXE is a warehousing company that connects organizations in need of additional space to organizations with extra space.
  • Coalition raises $40,000,000 led by Ribbit Capital - Coalition protects the value of a business with Coalition’s intelligence, risk management, and insurance offerings.
  • LetsGetChecked raises $30,000,000 led by Leerink Transformation Partners - LetsGetChecked allows customers to access laboratory testing from the privacy of home.
  • Evident ID raises $20,000,000 led by Aspect Ventures - Evident ID offers a secure solution for businesses and individuals to share verified personal information.
  • Podimetrics raises $13,400,000 led by Norwich Ventures, Rock Health - Podimetrics is a care management company with the leading solution to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.
  • BloXroute Labs raises $10,000,000 led by - BloXroute is a blockchain distribution network to help your blockchains scale to thousands of transactions/second on-chain.
Series C
  • Tempo Automation raises $45,000,000 led by Point72 Ventures - Tempo is the world’s fastest electronics manufacturer for prototyping and low-volume production of PCBA.
  • Solera Health raises $42,000,000 led by HCSC Ventures - Solera allows health plans and employers to securely and efficiently leverage a network of community and digital health solutions.
  • Unravel Data raises $35,000,000 led by Point72 Ventures - Unravel is radically simplifying the management and of big data applications and systems.
  • Weka.IO raises $31,700,000 led by NVIDIA, Qualcomm - WekaIO has built the world’s fastest file system for AI and technical computing.
  • Siemplify raises $30,000,000 led by Georgian Partners - Siemplify is the #1 independent security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) provider.
  • IsoPlexis raises $25,000,000 led by Northpond Ventures - IsoPlexis is a life sciences company developing an innovative, single-cell, protein response analysis platform.
  • Vedanta Biosciences raises $18,500,000 led by - Vedanta Biosciences is developing a class of drugs that work by modulating the human microbiome.
  • OpenFin raises $17,000,000 led by Wells Fargo - OpenFin powers financial desktops with the same plug-n-play capabilities that your iOS and Android devices enjoy.
  • Catalyst OrthoScience raises $12,700,000 led by River Cities Capital Funds - Catalyst OrthoScience is an early stage medical device company that is bringing the Catalyst CSR total shoulder to market.
Series D
  • Away raises $100,000,000 led by Wellington Management - Away is a modern travel and lifestyle brand designed with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems
Series E+
  • Impossible Foods raises $300,000,000 led by Horizons Ventures, Temasek Holdings - Impossible Foods develops a new generation of meats and cheeses made entirely from plants.
  • Nextdoor raises $123000000 led by Riverwood Capital - Nextdoor is the world’s largest private communications platform for neighborhoods.
  • Schrodinger raises $110,000,000 led by Bill Gates, David E. Shaw - Schrodinger is involved in computational drug designing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.
  • Quora raises $60,000,000 led by Valor Equity Partners - Quora is a Q&A platform with a mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge.
  • Tealium raises $55,000,000 led by Silver Lake Waterman - Tealium is the trusted leader in real-time customer data orchestration.
  • Snapsheet raises $28,500,000 led by Tola Capital - Snapsheet delivers the best claims experiences globally.
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